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Yoga Experiences Africa recently organized its first yoga workshop and brunch in the bustling cosmopolitan city of Abidjan.

Immersed in the tranquil ambiance of Tatufarma studio, yoga teachers from Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Gabon converged for an extraordinary workshop and brunch. This remarkable event, made possible by Tatufarma’s generous sponsorship, provided a platform for self-discovery and growth. The workshop guide, hailing from India, is a highly skilled instructor with over a decade of teaching experience and a practice history of over twenty years at the Sivananda Yoga Institute in Kerala. Our encounter with this teacher during our yoga journey propelled us to new levels, profoundly influencing our practice and teaching.

We delved into some yoga philosophy, seamlessly integrating mind, body, and spirit, and immersed ourselves in the intricacies of poses, gaining a heightened understanding of alignment, breathwork, and the subtleties of each posture. This experiential learning enabled us to refine our practice while equipping us with invaluable tools to assist our students effectively.

After a transformative morning of practice, the community of yoga teachers came together to share in a nourishing brunch. Conversations flowed in French and English as we savored wholesome food and shared stories, deepening the connections formed during the workshop.

Yoga Experiences Africa extends our heartfelt appreciation to Tatufarma for their unwavering support in making this workshop possible. Tatufarma’s commitment to nurturing growth and wellness within the yoga community was the foundation for this remarkable event. Their sponsorship allowed us to gather and explore the transformative power of yoga and highlighted their dedication to fostering a thriving yoga ecosystem in Africa.

Watch a video summary click here.

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