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We are your one-stop shop to everything yoga in Africa. Growing the biggest community of vetted yoga teachers in Africa and making it easy for yoga practitioners, enthusiasts, and beginners to connect with teachers in Africa.

Our mission is to create the largest community of trusted yoga teachers on the continent, while also making it easy for yoga practitioners of all levels to connect with teachers in their area.

Our founder experienced first-hand the challenges of finding yoga communities while traveling in Africa, which inspired her to start this initiative. We believe that yoga teachers play a crucial role in promoting physical and mental wellness, and we are committed to supporting them in developing their brands and building their student communities.

If you’re a yoga teacher in Africa, we’re here to help you grow your reach and impact. Our platform allows you to establish a strong online presence, build your student community, collaborate with other teachers and studios, and expand your brand through specialised offerings.

At Yoga Experiences Africa, we’re dedicated to empowering yoga teachers and practitioners across the continent. Join us in this journey to spread the benefits of yoga and create a vibrant community of wellness seekers in Africa.

Diversity and Inclusion:

We create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all , regardless of race, gender , age, or economic background. YEA and Yoga makes us one.


We are committed to continuous improvement and exceeding the expectations of our teachers , students and community.


We are transparent and honest, we are raw and bold for all to see. As an authentic brand, what you see i s what you will get.

Namaste! I’m the founder of Yoga Experiences Africa, and as an entrepreneurship specialist with a passion for wellness, I’m dedicated to creating opportunities that connect and empower African entrepreneurs – yoga teachers included.

Prior to joining the room, I established and spent three years managing GrowthAfrica’s West African operations and advising startups on operational growth – focusing on business and revenue modeling, understanding customers and markets, and designing go-to-market strategies. I helped establish GrowthAfrica as a leading accelerator and growth partner for African entrepreneurs and companies scaling their businesses across the continent.

A certified yoga instructor,  I am a firm believer in promoting self-discovery, self-love, and overall mental well-being. That’s why I created Yoga Experiences Africa to connect teachers to practitioners anywhere on the continent and popularize yoga in Africa.

Yoga teacher? Build your profile and join our growing community of Yoga teachers on the continent. We are committed to helping you thrive as a yoga business owner and brand. 

Yogi? Enjoy checking out our teachers, and keep coming back because we have a lot of exciting offers coming up.