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Vitamin M(oney)


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Fuel Your Yoga Business Success with Vitamin M(oney)! 

Are you a passionate yoga teacher with dreams of building a thriving and financially sustainable yoga business? Introducing Vitamin M(oney), a transformative program designed to empower yoga teachers like you to create a solid financial foundation. With our guidance, you’ll explore effective pricing strategies, revenue optimization techniques, and budgeting skills tailored specifically to the yoga industry. Our expert team will provide the support and resources you need to navigate the business aspects of your yoga journey.


2-hour exclusive session in understanding your yoga business financially, strategies for healthy cash flow and plan for sustainable income.


  1. Implement effective pricing and revenue strategies.
  2. Attract ideal clients, and achieve financial stability.
  3. Build a solid financial foundation for sustainable growth.

1 review for Vitamin M(oney)

  1. Ashton Porter

    A stylish wallet for those who love high-quality accessories

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