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Neo is a certified 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide and Heal Your Life® Practitioner. Her sessions are intuitively curated to emphasize moving with breath, slowing down, resting, and reconnecting with the body. Neo centers her sessions for those embarking on their yoga journey with the intention to co-create a safe and inclusive space dedicated to reframing the narrative that rest is a luxury, particularly within marginalized communities. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, Neo faced burnout, hopelessness, and a diagnosis of Major Depression and Panic Disorder. While receiving necessary medical support, she turned to meditation, breathwork, and yoga to support her mental health and found community and renewal, deepening her spiritual connection and tapping into the ancient wisdom of her ancestors. This pivotal moment led Neo on a profound path of self-healing, rooted in self-acceptance and spiritual connection. Now, Neo is driven to co-create safe spaces for emotional wellness and holistic healing, empowering others to prioritize self-care and reclaim their vitality. Neo sees the physical body as an instrument for exploration, guiding her students to experience breath, release perfection, and notice what it feels like to be in their body. By encouraging curiosity and attentive listening to the body’s cues, she helps individuals unlock the transformative potential within and journey back home to self.

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